Thursday, July 7, 2011

Road Trip! (teacher style!)

Shortly after my last post I came down with a bad case of allergic bronchitis. It has taken me several weeks to get my energy back. I'm so glad to be feeling better! Now I'm ready to start planning for August.

A month ago I was so tired and sick that I couldn't think, let alone plan for next year. For a few weeks I couldn't bring myself to even talk about next year. Fortunately, I'm feeling much better. I allowed myself most of the month of June to relax and think about anything but school. I feel relaxed and reenergized; ready to get started with my plans.

June activities (with bronchitis)
  • Closet in new room cleaned out and organized with the help of a good friend
  • Room packed and closed up for summer
  • Old office cleaned and closed
  • Interviewing and hiring of another 2nd grade teacher for our team
  • 2nd grade team meeting
  • A week of vacation
July: Road trip!
Today, our 2nd grade team took a road trip to Overland Park, Kansas to buy out, I mean visit some teacher stores. The drive up and back allowed for some nice discussion time. It was definitely a fun team-building activity. Setting up a new room after 10 years out of the classroom isn't cheap! I spent a larger chunk of money than I'm used to. I'm hoping to use these things for a few years!

Our Teacher Treasures by the end of the day!

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