Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Journey Begins

Here are the newest additions to my classroom. Don't they make you want to begin a journey? This last week I searched several used stores and ebay for suitcases just like these to use as props and activities. I was watching several on ebay but I hated the thought of spending $30 - $50 for one. I was about ready to give up when I spotted these two sitting at a Goodwill store. I couldn't make up my mind and, after several minutes of opening and closing each one, I decided that they needed to stay together. They are a perfect, stackable pair. A few travel stickers will add the right amount of intrigue to capture the imaginations of my students.

It looks as though they have spent some time waiting in an attic or down in a basement, but in their prime, I can imagine that they took many journeys. Trips in the trunk of a car traveling down route 66, in the cargo hold of an old prop plane, maybe on an ocean liner excursion to Europe.

I wonder where they will take us this year...

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  1. Cool. Hey, do you want a laminated map of Wichita? There are some in my office. There are also some strips of road painted with stripes and laminated. Want me to see if I can get them for you? (We're cleaning out extra stuff at work.)


  2. That sounds great, Heather! Thank you!