Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Now I know!

The last few weeks have been exhausting! After deciding to go back to the classroom, I waited for several weeks for the news as to where and what grade. It was hard to wait but I'm excited for the news I received this morning. Next year, I will be teaching 2nd grade at the same school I am currently working at as an Instructional Coach! I will be joining a great team that has already welcomed me aboard and I'm stepping into the place of a retiring teacher who has taught for 37 years. Now my teacher brain that seeks to make plans can work without hesitation!

My next steps:
  • Rewrite my belief statements
  • Begin planning zones and room arrangement
  • Spend time in the curriculum and pacing guides to become more familiar with them
In the next few weeks I will be reflecting on the last 10 years and planning for the next. You can read my thoughts right here and even respond to them. I'll take any input I can get!


  1. I've been a literacy specialist for 5 years and am contemplating asking for a return to the classroom for next year. I will probably retire in a year or two and feel I would like to return to the classroom and put what I've learned into practice. I just found your site and will return to see how happy you are-hope it is going well.

  2. Yes, Anonymous, so far I am very happy with my decision. It feels like I am, once again, doing what I love. It seems much more difficult than my old job but I think it's worth it. I felt the same way about wanting to apply the things I had learned in all of the trainings I was a part of. I think having current classroom experience might help me if I want to move into adjunct teaching at the college level after I retire. So far I haven't missed my old job at all. I loved it at the time and I'm a little surprised that I feel this way. Good luck! I'll keep you posted!