Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Letting Go

The Coaches' Office/PD room - My home away from home for the last 4 years.
     Now it feels real. I am leaving this office at the end of the month and will come back to a classroom next fall. Most of these boxes are filled with books; children's and teacher's books. I'm really not used to the office looking this way. My book characters have been taken off of the cabinet tops and stored in a plastic bag. Will I have a space for them next year? I hope so. The table is big enough for 8-10 teachers to sit around. I've used that conference table for 10 years; a witness to countless hours of conversation with collegues, passionate debates, laughter and yes, some tears. I'll be trading it and the adult-size chairs for a table with seating for smaller people next year.
    Seeing the room this way helps losen my grip on the past. If I don't let go, I can't grasp on to next year.

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