Monday, February 6, 2012

I Heart Hearts!!

This afternoon, I pulled out the little heart boxes that I found in the Target $ bins a few weeks ago. I want to use them in an activity to practice multiplication by forming "groups of." It took me awhile to get it the way I want it and I'm happy with it now. I guess I'll let you know later how it worked.
I'm hoping that the mixture of valentines, candy, partner work and lots of back and forth during the game to keep up the interest will make it an engaging activity. Maybe I'll post a few pictures of the kids trying it out tomorrow.
If you were lucky enough to get some of those cute little heart boxes for yourself, you can try the activity by clicking here! Hearts in Hearts! activity sheet Cups, small boxes or even Valentine cupcake papers will work great, also!

So far, this game has been a hit and it was so easy to put together!

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